doujinshi list

This section was made as a small list of doujinshi that feature Sylphiel as one of the main characters. As a warning, before you go searching for them on eBay, some of the doujinshi featured here are hentai in nature. None of the graphic scenes will be shown here however due to respect for fans that are not into this particular subject matter. For samples of the doujinshi you can check out the scans I made in the doujinshi section of the image gallery.

Title: Otome no Inori
Circle: Not known
Warnings: NC-17
Summary: This is a three chapter story focusing on Lina, Sylphiel, and Martina. Sylphiel is in the second story and starts off talking with Gourry. He seems to be leaving but she begs him to stay. They end up making love and the next morning she awakes by herself to find a note written by him that leaves a smile on her face.

Title: Oh my God
Circle: Not known
Warnings: none
Summary: Filia, Sylphiel, and Amelia appear in this story as three sisters (ironically their father is Prince Phil) and all appear to be princesses of some foreign land. The story starts off with Amelia going through some kind of trial, possibly a birth rite that Filia and Sylphiel have also done. From there, they encounter Zelgadiss the wandering swordsman, the two bandits Lina and Gourry, as well as Valgarv and Xelloss.

Title: Slayers Adult 11
Circle: Ginmomo
Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Sylphiel is found sitting by herself as she has her lunch and she winds up daydreaming about what her wedding (and honeymoon) would be like if she were to marry Gourry. Much hentai smut ensues with Sylphiel and Gourry and a few other of the male characters.

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