Here is a collection of Slayers artwork from the anime, artbooks, manga, and doujinshi featuring Sylphiel. All images are of the best possible quality that I could make them. Most of the images were scanned by myself from The Slayers artbooks, the filmbooks and also from my collection of Slayers doujinshi. Anything else was either donated by Zanne Chaos, Tasuki, Stan, or found at Anime Project Alliance Gallery and You may use them for whatever you wish but please if you use the images that were scanned by me do not claim them as your own. I paid a great deal of money for my Slayers materials, and some of them suffered during the process of scanning artwork from them.

Total Pictures: 103 and counting


These images are pictures from the anime series of Sylphiel, either by herself or with the whole Slayers gang. There's no need to link me back to use these since I did not make them.


All screencaps were found at I had a lot more but they were of poor quality so I chose not to post them. Any contributions you could make to this section would be appreciated.


The images here are scans from the artbooks, manga, or filmbooks I own that feature Sylphiel. Please link back to my site if you use these images.


These are gorgeous pics of Sylphiel from original japanese doujinshi I own. Please link back to my site if you use these images.