Many would ask why create a site to Sylphiel in the first place. There is an abundant number of Slayers fans who demean this woefully underrated character and time and time again in my explorations I have not found a valid enough reason. People don't acknowledge the fact that she is a very prominent and important character in the series. Without her, much of the show would not have progressed in the final arc of the first season.

I'm one of the few who find Sylphiel to be an endearing character. I've never once succumbed to the online hate towards her though it would be hypocritical of me to deny when first watching Sylphiel compared to the other Slayers characters I was indifferent to her. Maybe it was her lack of screentime or maybe it was because the show focused more on the main characters... but the fact remains Sylphiel existed.

As I continued to rewatch the anime series, Sylphiel struck a chord in me. It wasn't until I started roleplaying as her at Multiverse High that I had grown fonder of her character just by acting as her and thinking the way she would. I soon realized how alike our personalities really were. Of all characters in all anime, Sylphiel mirrors me the most.

She is such a good person, and I can relate to her on many levels. She's in love with someone who she knows will never return those feelings, and yet she is just content to be his friend. She's kind and gentle, a pure soul that knows no malice and would do anything for her friends. It's very endearing and I would love to have a friend such as her.

The online community is home to many sites dedicated to the unique characters of Slayers, but sadly there are far less for Sylphiel than for say, Lina or Amelia. I love the shrine maiden far too much to allow such an injustice. I want to prove that she is more than a useless character whose purpose is to be an obstacle for Lina. This is my tribute to the gentle character and it contains the ideas and concepts about Sylphiel that I hold dear.

My love for the dear shrine maiden continues to grow each day and this site is an example of it.