In this section we have a few wav files of Sylphiel speaking in various points in the Slayers anime series. Sylphiel was blessed with a soft and kind voice in both Japanese as well as English, thus making her demure character come even more alive. So if you'd like, then please feel free to download and listen to the sound clips.

file language dialogue
kawaii.wav Japanese Sylphiel's reaction over seeing a chibi Gourry.
mimic.wav Japanese Lina mocking Sylphiel.
trouble.wav English Sylphiel asking if Lina-tachi are in trouble.
kill.wav English Sylphiel begging Gourry to not kill Lina.
glomper.wav Japanese * Sylphiel's most famous phrase: Gourry-sama!!
gourry_sama.wav Japanese * Sylphiel saying "Gourry-sama" again in a very cute voice.
touma_yumi.mp3 Japanese A snippet from one of Touma Yumi's interviews.

All of these sounds unless otherwise noted were taken from Slayers Sounds Archive, and were not created by me. * Both Gourry-sama wavs were generously donated by Diane from Slayers Victory.