These are thoughts on Sylphiel in essay form that express opinions on various subjects that deal with her submitted by myself or others. As fair warning, these essays may probably contain spoilers. Read at your own risk! Feel free to submit your own opinions, however please refrain from bashing the opinions of those who have already submitted an opinion.

Note: Sadly, many of the essays aren't online yet so please be patient as they will be gradually updated.

Tara-hime's opinions

Across all Barriers: A Love that will Surpass Time
Who is the perfect match for Sylphiel...

Blessed be this Maiden before Me
Was Sylphiel blessed by Flagoon? (currently offline)

Of Innocence and Light
Speculations on Sylphiel's childhood. (currently offline)

Identification: Looking Beyond the Mirror into the Soul
Seeing parallels in Sylphiel and oneself. (currently offline)

Let This be my Gift to You
Sylphiel's value to the series. (currently offline)

In Defense of Sylphiel
Why Sylphiel hate bothers me. (currently offline)

Walking this Journey Without You
Would she have affected TRY? (currently offline)

Never Knew You Became My Best Friend
Anaylsis of Sylphiel and Lina's relationship. (currently offline)

Submitted Opinions

Sweet Misery by Krystal
A Pro-Sylphiel/Zelgadiss essay!