Consider yourself the number one Sylphiel fan? Only if you apply to the following. You know you like Sylphiel too much when...

  1. You make a website all about Sylphiel.

  2. You draw Sylphiel fan-art in your free time.

  3. You write libraries full of Sylphiel-related fan-fiction.

  4. You hum Sylphiel's theme in the shower.

  5. Your room has a huge poster of Sylphiel on the wall.

  6. You make several Sylphiel winamp skins.

  7. Your desktop image is a Sylphiel picture...

  8. ...And it's been that way since 1997.

  9. You start a Sylphiel fan club.

  10. You spend all your free time looking for Sylphiel shrines on the internet.

  11. You learn how to play "Alone" on any musical instrument...

  12. ...And that instrument happens to be a kazoo.

  13. You spend every free minute searching for Sylphiel pictures on the internet.

  14. You sew your very own Sylphiel plushie.

  15. You buy every piece of Sylphiel-related merchandise you can find.

  16. You plant a tree and name it Flagoon.

  17. Your nickname is "Sylphiel-chan".

  18. You make a model of Sylphiel out of silly putty.

  19. For your art class assignments, you always draw Sylphiel.

  20. Your screenname always has the word "Sylphiel" in it.

  21. You make a scepter like Sylphiel's out of papier-mâché

  22. You memorize all Sylphiel's lines from the anime.

  23. You take up several gigs of hard drive space with Sylphiel stuff.

  24. You're convinced that Sylphiel is somewhere in Slayers TRY.

  25. You have more in common with Sylphiel than with your real friends.

  26. Your teacher asks you to write an essay on a famous person, and you choose Sylphiel.

  27. You wish Sylphiel would come out with her own line of beauty products.

  28. You have to buy a zip drive or CD burner just to store all your Sylphiel stuff.

  29. People who haven't even seen Slayers know who Sylphiel is, thanks to you.

  30. You try to grow your hair long and dye it indigo-blue.

  31. You dream about Sylphiel every night.

  32. You get extremely angry when someone says bad things about Sylphiel.

  33. You dress up as Sylphiel even though you are not going to a cosplay or costuming event.

  34. You wonder what Sylphiel's favorite food, color, day of the week, turn-ons, are.

  35. You can't remember what your life was like before Sylphiel came into it.

  36. You write to Software Sculpters demanding they put Sylphiel in Slayers TRY.

  37. You start acting out Sylphiel's scenes from the anime.

  38. You propose that Earth Day should be renamed International Sylphiel Day.

  39. You have drawn out your own web comic about Sylphiel.

  40. You begin to think that you and Sylphiel are somehow related.

  41. You make a shrine to Sylphiel in your room...

  42. ... complete with thousands of pictures, candles and incense, and prayer offerings.

  43. You plan to name your future child Sylphiel, even if it's a boy.

  44. You're convinced Sylphiel is a real person.

  45. You cry when people say Sylphiel isn't real.

  46. You constantly practice what you're going to say to Sylphiel when you meet her.

  47. You decide you want to become a lesbian so you and Sylphiel can be together.

  48. You know you must be Sylphiel's twin.

  49. You make a "You Know You Like Sylphiel Too Much..." list.

  50. All the items on the list apply to you.

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