best moments

Sylphiel's greatest moments. The times when she was at her best and the times where one felt the urge to hug her, even her detractors. These are my very favorites or those I think of as the best.

Slayers TV

RETURN! The Red Priest is Back!

- When we first meet Sylphiel and she throws herself into her Gourry-sama's arms.

- Sylphiel voices her worries over sensing something horrible is going to happen in Sairaag.

SHOCK! Sairaag Falls!

- Sylphiel casts a protection spell that saves Lina and co. from a powerful blast.

- When she manages to cut a lock of Gourry's hair, saying it would be wonderful to have more of him.

- When she squeals in delight over the little chibi Gourry and nuzzles it.

- Sylphiel screams as she watches her home and father destroyed by Kopii Rezo.

TROUBLE! Rahanimu, the Furious Fish Man!

- Sylphiel sits apart from everyone else as she is depressed over the loss of her father.

- But she intervenes to warn Lina about using the Giga Slave, only to have Zelgadis rebuke her and throw her father's death in her face and she runs out.

- Sylphiel goes to gather wood and finds that Gourry had followed her. He comforts her and when they go for the same stick, they bump heads, but it makes Sylphiel laugh and helps her out of her depressed state.

- They discuss about facing Kopii Rezo and move onto the subject of Lina. Sylphiel can sense that Gourry cares for the sorceress and she decides not to express her own feelings until she can figure out if Lina returns his affection.

- Later, Sylphiel leads them to Old Sairaag and the group is split up with Sylphiel and Gourry ending up in the Miasma Forest. Zangulus attacks them, knocking Gourry's sword out of his hands by Sylphiel jumps at Zangulus and takes the blow meant for Gourry.

UPSET! Gourry vs. Zangulus

- Seeing Lina abuse Gourry in her own special way, Sylphiel begs her to stop in fear she might hurt him.

- Sylphiel screams when she sees one of the golem statues.

- After praying for Gourry to be safe, Sylphiel and Lina discuss about him and she tries to find out what the sorceress feels for him. They're then attacked by golems and Sylphiel casts a flare arrow, only for it to be a flare carrot that hits a golem right on it's nose causing it to smile. She then cracks out her spell book, wanting another try at it.

- Asked to find what is controlling the golems, Sylphiel uses her sixth sense and discovers a relief of Rezo is the source.

- Though Sylphiel is getting better at her offensive spells, she uses too much force than needed, causing a flare arrow to explode with them in the way.

VICE! The One Who Was Left Behind

- Sylphiel uses her intuition to suggest the right route and takes out her scepter with a small tear trailing down her face as she remembers her father. She then leads them to a dead end. ^^;

- Sylphiel calls Tiiba a pretty chicken. ^_^

- Trying to find Rezo's legacy, Sylphiel instead admires a cute teddy bear since everything has a lot of magical energy.

- After following Tiiba, she's shocked as she watches "Mr. Chicken" turn into a mazoku and is almost killed but is saved by Gourry.

WARNING! Eris' Wrath!

- As Eris finds Rezo's legacy, Sylphiel warns her not to unleash its power for it will summon Zanaffar.

- Zelgadis asks Sylphiel to cast a flare arrow and though her heart is in the spell, it is a teeny tiny one used to remove the control gem that was on Gourry.

X-DAY! The Demon Beast is Reborn!

- While the others fight Kopii Rezo, Sylphiel is strangely drawn to Flagoon, saying she can hear it cry out and notices Kopii Rezo's reaction to Flagoon.

- Kopii Rezo is hit in the face by a very tiny flare arrow by none other than Sylphiel. It's clear she is deathly afraid but she still tries to be of some use.

- Sylphiel begs Lina once more not to cast the Giga Slave but Lina is determined to defeat him. The shrine maiden tries to explain what she is sensing. Lina calms down but Kopii Rezo is furious and sends an energy blast towards Sylphiel who was knocked out of the way by Lina only to get hit herself.

YES! A Final Hope: The Bless Blade!

- Sylphiel rushes to help save Lina's life, asking Amelia for her assistance but explains to Gourry unless she receives a full healing spell, she won't make it.

- Going into the safety of Flagoon, Sylphiel realizes that Kopii Rezo is afraid of Flagoon. Noticing that Lina's skin has turned blue, Sylphiel gives her first aid and begins a very powerful healing spell and in her religious passion, she thinks of her loved ones and asks them to give Lina their strength. After, she passes out.

- Waking up, Sylphiel is relieved to see Lina will live and looks around what was once her home and studies a few of her broken belongings, remembering her childhood. She is hit with a sudden idea and lifts Lina onto her shoulders -- only to hit Lina in the head. Hoping she won't remember that, Sylphiel flees off into the depths of Flagoon.

- Coming to a lake, Sylphiel summons a light bridge and goes to where there hangs a sword. Lina calls out to her and because she is so happy to see her alive, Sylphiel breaks her concentration and falls into the water. After, she explains to Lina what the sword was and how she can use the Bless Blade to defeat Kopii Rezo. Lina agrees and after hitting Sylphiel in the head as payback for earlier -- she -did- remember -- they set off, with Sylphiel asking Lina about her childhood.

ZAP! Victory Will Always Be Mine!

- Rejoining their friends, Sylphiel casts a powerful protection shield around them as Lina goes up against Kopii Rezo. She impales him to Flagoon and then Sylphiel chants the recovery spell, which heals Flagoon and kills both Kopii Rezo and Zanaffar.

- Later as they enjoy a meal together -- possibly cooked by Sylphiel? -- Prince Phil appears and Sylphiel in her shock, faints when she finds out he is a prince. Though I like the original version of this scene better where Sylphiel instead of fainting, punches Phil. XD

Slayers NEXT

The Menacing Swordsman! A Journey of Reunion!

- Sylphiel meets up with Lina once again, although not in the best of ways as Lina mistakes her for a stray bandit and sends an attack spell at her, causing her to soar in the air and fall back into the ground, with a white flag in her hands.

- Seeing Gourry not with her, Sylphiel demands to know what happened to him, asking Lina if she sold him or threw him in a river. After learning about Gourry's predicament, she faints.

- She vows to rescue Gourry by using sex appeal on Phibrizzo.

- As they head to Sairaag, Sylphiel tries to see if Lina's feelings for Gourry have changed and asks to join their party.

- They're attacked however by a dark knight and Sylphiel tries to cast a flare arrow but it is a slight flare arrow that hits the dark knight... with absolutely no effect on him.

Sinister Trap! The Mysterious City of Ghosts!

- Sylphiel realizes that the city had been regenerated and proves it by going to a tree that should no longer be there where her father used to cut a mark to show how tall she was growing.

- Sylphiel's touching reunion with her father and the horror she feels when she realizes he is the living dead.

- When she followed Lina to Phibrizzo's temple to confront her about going and then demands to come along as she cannot forgive Phibrizzo for making her dead family and friends into slaves.

- Lina, after killing one of the slaves, nearly goes into a panic only to be stopped by Sylphiel who soothes her worries, telling to her that the girl was already dead.

The Souls of the Dead! Lina's Final Decision!

- As they levitate to find Phibrizzo, Sylphiel gasps as she sees the souls of the dead and spots her father among them.

- Lina tries to figure a way to defeat Phibrizzo when Sylphiel suggests casting a dragon slave. Lina is reluctant but does so after Sylphiel's insistence. As the first one doesn't seem to work, suddenly a second dragon slave is cast by who would have guessed... Sylphiel! This is probably the greatest Sylphiel moment EVER!

- Thinking they defeated Phibrizzo, Lina asks when she could do that. Sylphiel -- much to Lina's chagrin -- responds that if she were to travel with Gourry that she should know how to do that.

- Later, in calm anger, Sylphiel vows never to forgive Phibrizzo as he kills off her friends and starts to cast the dragon slave, only to be seconds too late as Phibrizzo kills her too. She dies while calling out to her father.

Go to NEXT! And Then...

- As Sairaag falls and Eruk is sent back to the world of the dead, Sylphiel wakes up, sensing his passing.

- When Lina reappeared now as L-sama, the Slayers are shocked to learn of Lina's fate and Sylphiel falls to her knees in grief for her fallen friend.

- Sylphiel sits among the ruins of Sairaag, mourning for her lost friends when she sees something and runs toward it. She's overjoyed when it turns out to be Lina and Gourry.

- She chides Lina in the tavern for giving too much away.

- Sylphiel's eyes are lighted up as she watched Zangulus and Martina's wedding ceremony and then runs after Lina and co. saying that she is coming along with them this time.