in memory

To my knowledge, The "Give Sylphiel A Chance" Foundation was the first online Sylphiel support shrine in the English Language -- properly located at This site was started as a Sylphiel fan club, to unite fans and help spread the word about just how appreciated Sylphiel really should be among Slayers fans. When I originally got into the Slayers fandom, there were not very many Sylphiel shrines and unfortunately that amount hasn't gone up very much.

As a result, when I first opened Shrine Maiden, I received a lot of pleasant e-mails from people that agreed about how much they liked Sylphiel too. There are many fan clubs dedicated to other Slayers characters, but none now for Sylphiel after "Give A Chance" closed down. I remember going to that website all the time to see what was new and loved to see all the people who supported Sylphiel and I used their banners on my websites to show my own.

Sadly, those days have come and gone, and now there are hardly any resources for Sylphiel fans left. I like to remember "Give A Chance" for what it stood for and though it is no longer active, it's message is still the same. That Sylphiel should have as much appreciation as anyone else in The Slayers cast. In honor of that wonderful website, I made this banner that you are more than welcome to use in support of Sylphiel and in memory of The "Give Sylphiel A Chance" Foundation.