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sylphiel links

Fake Smile - A wonderful shrine to Sylphiel that has a lovely layout and lots of interesting information.

Alone - A Sylphiel Shrine - A very extensive site to Sylphiel that has the biggest image gallery dedicated to her as well as lots of fanart.

Sylphiel's Homepage - A single page dedicated to Sylphiel that has cute information and practically every link of Sylphiel-centric sites out there. Sadly it hasn't been updated in quite a while.

Philip Mak's Lina and Sylphiel Shrine - Dedicated to the non-canon pairing between the shrine maiden and the fiery sorceress. Has good fanfics as well as other goodies such as doujinshi.

Lone - A Sylphiel and Zelgadis Shrine - Another pairing shrine, this one pairs Sylphiel with Zelgadis. Has a clean layout and future interactive features.

Swords and Magic - A Sylphiel and Gourry Shrine - Currently the first and only S/G shrine I can find on the internet. Has a nice variety of fanart and fanfiction.

The Sylphiel Mailing List - Pretty explanatory, it's the only yahoo group dedicated to the shrine maiden of Sairaag. ^_^

The Sylphiel LiveJournal Community - Here you can talk and interact with other Sylphiel fans in a more public manner brought to you by the popular online journal provider.

A Flower Whose Name I Don't Know Yet - Possibly my favorite Sylphiel-centric fanfic out there that questions what would happen if Koppi Rezo still lived after the first season. A great read that should be enjoyed on a rainy day with a nice cup of tea.

Sylpheel City - A Japanese site that has a vast amount of very pretty Sylphiel fanart to enjoy.


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