If Sylphiel was given enough to drink, what words would slip out of her mouth? I hope you enjoy and please feel free to submit your own if you like. Things Sylphiel would never say...

  1. Gourry, you can cook your own damn food.

  2. But Daddy-kins!!! I want -that- one!!!

  3. Miss Lina, get over yourself!

  4. You know, Vrumugun is kind of cute...

  5. Miss Lina, I didn't realize you had such small breasts.

  6. Why must I wear purple? I actually prefer yellow!

  7. All of you who are sick of fighting, RAISE YOUR HAND!!

  8. All those savings and bonds and all I was given in my inheritance was this stinking rod!

  9. Mister Zelgadis, you're a chimera? You can't even tell.

  10. Lina, how could you forget our anniversary?

  11. Miss Naga has some huge knockers don't you think?

  12. Why am I not the star of the show?

  13. Miss Lina if it weren't for me you'd be dead and you know it.

  14. Oh Lina dear!

  15. Frankly I can't stand Gourry, he's such a idiot.

  16. Is Miss Filia Gourry's sister?

  17. Five bucks says the mazoku will try to make Lina dear use the Giga Slave.

  18. In the name of justice, I shall punish you!

  19. Miss Lina, what do you mean it's platonic? Not even if we had a threesome with Gourry?

  20. That Miwan has been out to replace me from day one. The girl is nothing but a copy cat... WAH!!! WUDDYA MEAN SHE'S A GUY?!?!

  21. I swear I'll beat the crap out of that namagomi.

  22. ::casting flare arrow:: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

  23. Damnit! Get someone else to heal you! I quit!

  24. Why wasn't -I- given a part in TRY!?

  25. I -will- make Lina mine!