frequently asked questions

Q: Disclaimer?
A: Sylphiel Nels Lahda and The Slayers are owned by Hajime Kanzaka, Rui Araizumi, Kadokawa Shoten, TV TOKYO, SOFTX, and Marubeni who are in no way affiliated with the webmistress of this site. Fanworks are credited by their owners and none may be used without their consent. Stolen use of graphics and/or content is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Shrine Maiden is to Tara-hime 2003-04. All rights reserved.

Q: How long have you been into Slayers?
A: Since May 1998.

Q: Are you a Trad or Alt shipper?
A: Primarily, I'm a 'trad fan and am fond of LinaxGourry and ZelgadissxAmelia. However, I'm not blind to other pairing possibilities and happen to adore ValgarvxFilia, SylphielxZelgadiss, and XellossxAmelia.

Q: How long has Shrine Maiden been around?
A: Shrine Maiden was officially opened July 11, 2003.

Q: What's up with the name?
A: Not very much I can tell you that. All the other great names for a Sylphiel site had been taken already so I came up with the most notable thing about her and that is her occupation as a shrine maiden. And what better for a shrine maiden than her very own shrine?

Q: Where can I get the Slayers novels?
A: Tokyopop has begun it's new line of translated novels, one of the first series being Slayers. The first novel came out on September 7, 2004 and currently the first six novels are scheduled to be translated. If you want the official Japanese novels, you can try

Q: Is there a fourth season of Slayers?
A: God do I wish! Sadly, this is nothing but a rumor spun from a mentioning of a "possibility" for a fourth season based on the Dynast arc in the novels that was never animated. The creators have gone on to work on other things so it is very very doubtful that there will ever be a fourth season.

Q: Who is your webhost of awesomeness?
A: The generous Tasuki and Zee were kind enough to host this site on their domain, which was created and is run by them.

Q: What tools do you use?
A: I use PSP 7.0 and PS 7.0 for all my graphics and all HTML was coded using notepad. Files were uploaded using AceFTP.

Q: Can I use the images you scanned for your gallery?
A: If it's to make a layout or an icon then I don't mind, but please do not post my images in a gallery without my consent. I took the time to scan these images and would like my gallery to remain original. I'll more than likely will allow you to take some if you ask nicely.

Q: Can I use your layout's graphics?
A: No, please don't. I made the graphics myself during my spare time and do not want other people using them.

Q: Can I use your HTML coding?
A: You're allowed to look at my source to see how something was made but please do not steal my HTML or direct link to any of my files.

Q: Can I use some of your information on my site?
A: For reference only. You cannot just copy/paste my information word for word for your own usage. That's plagiarizing!

Q: Where do you get your information from?
A: There are lots of resources for Slayers. I generally write everything as I can recall and sometimes look up for certain things in the episodes. I also use artbooks and encyclopedias for the series to get the little details. Everything however is written in my own words.

Q: Will you be my affiliate?
A: If you'd like to affiliate with Shrine Maiden, please be sure you meet the following criteria:

  • Your site does not have to be Sylphiel-related, however I'd prefer it to be a Slayers character shrine. Sylphiel pairing sites are also fine. However, since affiliates are more special than regular links, I'm only taking one shrine per character unless both sites are amazing.

  • No stolen content! I'll turn you down in a second if I find out you've plagiarized from another site.

  • Your site doesn't have to have an amazing layout but please have interesting content. (i.e. something more than just a basic bio, a small gallery, and tons of links.)

    That's all I'm really looking for. If you're interested, please email me with the subject of "Affiliation" as the subject. Be sure to let me know it's for Shrine Maiden, though. ^_^

    Q: Will you link me?
    A: It depends. Email me with a link to your Slayers site and I'll check it out. If I don't answer, then no.

    Q: Can I submit fanworks to you?
    A: Sure, I'd love to see them! Fanfiction can be any rating so long as it's related to Sylphiel. Please make sure to check your spelling and grammar. Submit it to me providing a title, genre of the fic, a basic summary, and rating in either .doc or .html/htm format. Fanart can be sent to me as a file attachment or as a link to your images. Please send in .jpg format only with the artwork's title and your comments on it.

    Q: Can I send hentai?
    A: Yes, but there are a few guidelines: 1.) I'll accept fanfiction as long as the lemons aren't disgusting and 2.) I'll accept nudity in fanart so long as it is tasteful and artistic.

    Q: There are so many lovely Japanese fanart of Sylphiel, why not post them here?
    A: Yes that is true and I do have a lot on my harddrive, but I refuse to post any fanart unless I have expressed permission from the artist be they English or Japanese. You will not find any stolen Japanese fanart on here.

    Q: Are you going to add a [insert whatever here] section?
    A: Over time I'll be adding more sections since there is still lots I can do with this site. I have more images from my filmbooks, manga, and doujinshi to add to the gallery after I scan them, plus some other fun things I plan on making. I'll also update with any fanart or fanfic submissions I receive.