Shrine Maiden is a fan-made website dedicated to Sylphiel Nels Lahda of the anime series The Slayers. The webmistress Tara-hime does not own The Slayers or even Sylphiel herself for that matter. The Slayers is the property of Hajime Kanzaka, Rui Araizumi, Kadokawa Shoten, TV TOKYO, SOFTX, and Marubeni who are in no way affiliated with the webmistress of this shrine. It's made by a fan for the fans.

Big thanks go to the following:

Inverse.ORG - for Sylphiel's statistics.
Zel's Room of Lyrics - for Alone translations.
Slayers Sound Archive - for use of sound files.
Anime Project Alliance Gallery - resource for images. - resource for screencaps.
Seiyuu Database for the seiyuu information. for the name analysis.

Individual People:

Zanne Chaos, Tasuki, & Stan - for various images.
Diane - for contributing wav files, images, and game screencaps.
Stareyes - for donating wallpaper.
Linachu - for donating icons.
Meliachu and Sleepdebtfairy - for donating media goodness.
Terra - for the Sylphiel sprites.
Alanna - for her quiz tutorial.
All the artists and authors who have given submissions.
All the visitors to this site that keep it going.
My affiliates. :3

Shrine Maiden is part of and Special thanks go to Tasuki and Zee for giving Shrine Maiden a home.