stats and bio

x Name: Sylphiel Nels Lahda
x Age: 19
x Hair Color: Indigo
x Eye Color: Green
x Height: 5'8"
x Weight: 130
x Birthplace: Sairaag
x Family: Eruk (father, deceased) and an uncle.
x Lives: With her uncle, possibly near Sairaag.
x Occupation: cleric
x Likes: Cooking, healing, nature, Gourry-sama.
x Dislikes: Suffering, cruelty, and centipedes.
x Strengths: Healer, sixth sense, casts dragon slave.
x Weaknesses: Inept at combat, magical restriction.
x Voice: Touma Yumi (Sub) Stacia Crawford (Dub)
x Debut: Slayers episode 18

Sylphiel Nels Lahda is one of the minor supporting characters from the anime series The Slayers. There isn't much known about her past or how she grew up, aside from what is seen in flashbacks and she only turns up in certain points in the anime (I have yet to read the novels). However, she is still very vital to the defeat of Kopii Rezo and also with Hellmaster Phibrizzo. Sylphiel grew up in the city of Sairaag where she spent the majority of her life. It is understood her mother died when she was still a young girl so mainly her father Eruk, who was a noble of the city and a priest of Flagoon, raised her. She was shown to be happy as a child even without a mother, having bonded closely to her father whom she loves dearly.

As she grew older, Sylphiel trained at the local temple and became a shrine maiden of Sairaag and learned the practice of white magic, especially healing. It may be because of her father's own status that she chose this, or it could be possible her mother was a shrine maiden once as well. When Sylphiel had grown older, Sairaag had been attacked by a demon, only to be defeated by a traveling swordsman by the name of Gourry Gabriev. He was slightly wounded in the fight, so Eruk took him in and Sylphiel nurtured and cared for him until he healed, where we learn from Gourry of her cooking talent.

During that time, she developed a hero worship crush on Gourry and though she was sad to see him leave, she knew that one day he would return. He did, but he brought along with him a girl by the name of Lina Inverse and she later discovered their love for each other (even though they do not know of it yet themselves). After learning of their situation of a false bounty on their heads, Sylphiel took them to speak with her father who told them who made the bounty, an old disciple of Rezo named Eris. Sylphiel decided to follow them after feeling a strange foreboding. Her feeling was right, for Kopii Rezo later on demonstrated his massive power, and destroyed nearly all of Sairaag in one explosive blast. The painful loss was great for Sylphiel and she mourned her dead father and neighbors.

Although she showed no desire for revenge, Sylphiel went with Lina and the others to help defeat Koppi Rezo. She assisted them greatly by finding the Bless Blade, the holy sword of Sairaag that she hid in Flagoon when she was a child. With Kopii Rezo bound to Flagoon by the Bless Blade, Sylphiel chanted the Recovery spell that healed the dying tree but killed Kopii Rezo at the same time, since he was infected by Zanaffar's miasma. After this Sylphiel went to live with her uncle, but also took it upon herself to travel around Sairaag's borders to heal those who were in need while the city was being rebuilt, as a way to make amends for what happened. It could be possible she blamed herself for Sairaag's destruction and wanted to do something in the memory of the deceased.

Later on, Sylphiel met up once again with Lina while she set out to see if a rumor about Sairaag was actually true. Much to her own shock, the rumor was true as the entire city had been regenerated as if it never had been destroyed in the first place. Not just the city, but the people as well, including her father. She was horrified to learn that Hellmaster Phibrizzo had resurrected the deceased people and had them under his control like puppets. Wishing to put her people to rest, Sylphiel went with Lina to Phibrizzo's temple, her mind set on defeating him. Sylphiel had become a lot stronger during her time apart from Lina and had become quite determined to improve her sorcery skills.

This is where we learn that Sylphiel had mastered the Dragon Slave, but combined with Lina's own it's not enough to kill the mazoku lord. Sylphiel, as well as the others, were used as pawns and killed by Phibrizzo to provoke Lina into casting the Giga Slave. She did, but it did not go as Phibrizzo planned and he was the one who ended up destroyed. With Phibrizzo dead, the others came back to life and the resurrected people went back to sleep peacefully in the afterlife. Afterwards, it is hinted that Sylphiel continues to travel with Lina and company, but she is not shown in TRY, so we can only assume she went back to live with her uncle.

Until I read the novels, this is the end of Sylphiel's part in Slayers.