last updated: 09.25.05

Shrine Maiden is a site dedicated to the soft-spoken cleric of The Slayers - Sylphiel Nels Lahda. In the world of the internet there are so very few websites that are just about her and I think she deserves a greater recognition than that. While she isn't a main character in The Slayers, she has done more than enough to earn her fair share of praise. She deserves a site that goes beyond the basic facts, something that examines her heart and soul.

Sylphiel is the embodiment of love and kindness in Slayers and is -- and always will be -- my favorite female in Slayers as well as any other anime series. She has struck a chord in me with her sweet, innocent ways along with her love for her family and friends. She is strong-willed and determined to protect the ones she loves even if it means risking her own life. A perfect balance of innocence and bravery if there ever was one. This site is here to show my love and support for Sylphiel among her fellow fans.

Shrine Maiden has become a pride and joy for me after spending a countless amount of time pouring all my love for sweet Sylphiel into it. It has been my dream to make this the best Sylphiel shrine out there and slowly but surely I am reaching that goal. Hopefully, you will not be able to find a more indepth tribute to Sylphiel anywhere else on the internet.


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